IdeaMapr Service Level Agreement

We believe that successful citizen engagement is what fuels successful cities. We built IdeaMapr to serve those who are working hard to engage their communities and we want to make sure that the tools they need are there when they need them. That is why we guarantee 90% monthly uptime to clients using IdeaMapr.

Defining “uptime”

“Uptime” refers to the period of time when IdeaMapr is up and running.

What happens if it’s below 90%?

IdeaMapr is built on infrastructure that powers companies such as Netflix and GE but if our uptime does drops below 90%, we will provide a credit to our customers on their next billing cycle. For any given day where an outage exceeds 5 minutes, we’ll credit your account for a full hour that is equal to the hourly rate you pay us for use of IdeaMapr. That is the full limit of our liability under this SLA.

Will this change in the future?

We may update this SLA over the years and if we do we will notify our customers via email or a notice on our website.