Ideas as the Center of Civic Decisions

The Ideas in IdeaMapr could be thought of as prescriptions, solutions, options, scenarios, etc. These are the paths that are discussed and decided on in civic projects. IdeaMapr uses the concept of the idea to present potentially complicated ideas in a simple structure that contains a title, description, images, attachments containing additional detail, and even interactive maps.


Budgeting Tool

Many in-person workshops include a poker chip or coin scenario where participants have a limited amount they can allocate and have to choose which combination of ideas they would like to support. In IdeaMapr, you can have thousands of participants go through this interactive engagement and then easily report on the results.


Mapping Tool

Gather location based responses by enabling participants to select locations on a map and add their comments. These responses are aggregated into the summary as a single map to visualize which locations participants are most interested in.


Pro/Con Tool

Move beyond participants liking or disliking ideas and get into the details of why they support an idea or what specific concerns they may have.