IdeaMapr is a simple tool to help local governments collaborate with their communities on civic decisions.

Get deeper feedback on more complicated decisions

The Budgeting question type helps participants consider the relative cost between proposals and better understand how proposals can be implemented within a limited budget. This question type also came out of research that showed that many cities are beginning to use budgeting scenarios in in-person meetings to better understand how the public would like to deal with cost constraints.

Brainstorm solutions with the public

Use the Idea Gathering question type to gather solutions from the public and have them automatically populate the admin section, so they can be added into future surveys. Many cities want to involve the public in the early stages of a project by encouraging the public to generate ideas for addressing a challenge or improving an area of the city. IdeaMapr makes it very easy to gather these ideas in a survey and then add them to a pro/con, budgeting, or ranking question in a new survey in order to get deeper feedback on them.

Use a survey building process that fits government

  1. Create ideas as they are generated in public or internal meetings without having to create a survey first.

  2. When you learn more about what type of feedback you need to gather on these ideas you can add them to a question. As you have more meetings and interactions with the public you can add more ideas and questions.

  3. When you are ready to create a survey, simply add the ideas and questions that you have previously created to launch the survey.

As the project continues and you need to ask additional questions, you can reuse the ideas you have already created to create new surveys. You can also reuse common survey questions again and again.


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