Accessibility of Services

How easy is it for citizens to access and interact with existing government services? What is the experience like for citizens getting their power turned on, applying for a business license, paying a parking ticket? These are the most common interactions citizens have with their government and their experiences here greatly impact their perception of their government.

Transparency of Government Business

How easy is it for citizens to access public records, view legislative decisions, see what projects their government is working on? Transparency provides the crucial context for citizen collaboration.

Collaboration with the Public in Government Business

What kind of opportunities are there for citizens to participate in government decisions? Can citizens weigh in on decisions that will affect them?

Empowering Citizen-led Civic Improvement

What does the government do to support citizen led efforts to improve their community? Open data portals, hackathons, support of nonprofits and foundations, etc. Empowering others is all about scaling the impact of government by leveraging resources outside of city hall to deliver services.